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| January 31, 2013 | 0 Comments

Stop Emergency Certification

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Thank you to all that testified at the Working Group hearings. Now that these hearings have completed, we must contact our own legislators today and ask them to not support any gun bills that come as a result of emergency certification.

Please express the following:

1) Emergency Certification on firearms related bills is not the correct use of our legislative process.

2) We deserve hearings on specific firearms bills that are raised by a committee only.

3) Oppose any bill that comes to the House or Senate via Emergency Certification.

4) Politely remind your legislators that they work for the citizens of Connecticut, and that you are tracking what they do and how they vote.

5) Express that we do not need additional gun laws. Enforce the current laws and lengthen prison sentences for criminals that conduct violent acts.

6) Explain to them that the concept of "Gun Free Zones" does not work, and you support measures to increase school safety with police, security or possibly armed faculty that have received proper training.

Please Call and Write Your State Representative and Your State Senator Today

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