WNY Assemblyman Says Cuomo Wanted “Two Gun Limit”

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WNY Assemblyman Says Cuomo Wanted “Two Gun Limit”

Western New York Assemblyman David DiPietro suggested, Thursday, that Governor Cuomo’s original gun control legislation had more teeth than the one that was signed into law earlier this month.

DiPietro said the Governor wanted the legislation to include a “two gun limit” for each household or each person in New York State. DiPietro says the two gun provision was removed during negotiations with Senate Republicans.

“I thought it was a total violation of the second amendment,” DiPietro said.

The East Aurora Republican gave a fiery speech criticising the New York Safe Act on the Assembly floor before it was easily passed by the Democratic controlled body. DiPietro suggested, then, the new law would would ultimately lead to police being forced to confiscate illegal guns from peoples’ homes. It’s a claim he isn’t backing off of.

“They haven’t explained whether or not confiscation is in the bill. After a gun becomes illegal how do they get it? It’s a wide open area. Are you going to send police to get the people?” DiPietro asked.

DiPietro is one of several Republican Assembly-members and Senators who have posted petitions online to repeal the law. While he believes the effort to repeal the law has some traction, he said he’s focusing on something smaller.

“My goal is to get some amendments to the bill through. If we could just take out something like the pistol grip restrictions we could make fewer people felons.”

At the same time, DiPietro isn’t convinced pending legal challenges against the law won’t be successful.

“This bill is so full of holes it makes Swiss cheese look good,” DiPietro added.

Fellow Western New York Assemblyman Joe Morelle quickly dismissed DiPietro’s claims. The newly named Democratic Majority Leader called DiPietro “uniformed.” Morelle said not only was there no two gun limit he criticised DiPietro’s suggestions about how the Safe Act will be enforced.

“There will be no confiscation of guns as a result of this legislation. Any suggestion to the contrary is an attempt to mislead the public and frighten law-abiding citizens,” Morelle said.

Depsite his continued assault on the Governor’s gun control bill, DiPietro was front and center during Cuomo’s Budget Address Tuesday.

DiPietro said he was originally seated on the outside of second row of the Empire State Plaza Convention Center in Albany. But he said minutes before the progam began a person sitting in the “VIP” section asked to switch seats with DiPietro because they told him they had to “leave early.”

“There I am in my tan suit sitting in a row of special guests all dressed in black. I stuck out like a sore thumb,” DiPietro recalled.

No one in that section including New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg recognized DiPietro was in the wrong place. But DiPietro says Assembly Minority Leader Brian Kolb did.

“My leader sent my a text asking my how in the world I ended up there. I called it a Forest Gump Moment,” DiPietro added.

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