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By Tom Rivers trivers@batavianews.com

ALBION — The Orleans County Legislature joined a growing voice of upstate New York counties in opposing many of the provisions of the New York SAFE Act, a gun control measure that legislators say was rushed into passage by the state Legislature and Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

The Orleans body called on state legislators to hold public hearings on gun control violence, seeking “meaningful” solutions.

Several residents addressed the Legislature before the vote on Wednesday. Mike Donahue, president of the Orleans County Sportsmen’s Federation, urged the legislators to formally oppose the new state law. That was the message from residents Paul Rusin of Holley, Mattie Zarpentine of Holley, and Jim Flint of Ridgeway.

Zarpentine noted that Wyoming, Erie and Rensselaer counties all opposed the new law, and other counties are expected to also formally express their disproval.

“I implore you to join these other counties to let Albany know we’ve had enough,” Zarpentine said.

Orleans legislators said legislators failed to even read the law before they voted, and denied the public a chance to weigh in on the law before a vote. Many of the provisions are confusing and open to interpretation, county legislators said.

The law also places costly burdens on government and businesses for verifying gun ownership.

Legislators also criticized the law for prohibiting firearm magazines with more than seven rounds, when most magazines have 10 rounds. Gun owners will have to acquire new magazines or alter their existing ones.

“This legislation effectively turns countless New York State law-abiding gun owners into criminals,” legislators said in a formal resolution.

Legislators called a provision of the law, requiring documentation of all ammunition sales in the state, “a significant unfunded mandate on business.”

A copy of the resolution will be forwarded to state and federal lawmakers, including the governor and President Barack Obama.

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