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By 15-1 vote, the Wyoming County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday
approved a resolution calling on New York State to repeal
controversial gun control laws, contained in the SAFE Act.

“It’s got no teeth,” acknowledged Board of Supervisors Chairman A.D.
Berwanger of Arcade, regarding what is a “memorializing resolution,”
which has no power of law but does put the Board of Supervisors on
the record as a body in opposition to the SAFE Act.

The measure, passed by state legislators as a part of a Message of
Necessity from Gov. Andrew Cuomo, was strongly criticized by
lawmakers in the rural upstate county.

“We feel it’s a knee jerk reaction to what happened in Newton
Connecticut,” said Pike Supervisor Larry Rogers, who chairs the
Public Safety Committee. “This was just rammed through…there was no
time period for the residents of the state of New York to have any
input,” Rogers said.

In their resolution (Item 35 on the agenda linked here), lawmakers
used terms such as “an egregious violation of the second amendment”
…”onerous and burdensome”, and “beyond the lawful legislative
authority of state representatives” to describe the SAFE Act.

Orangeville Town Supervisor Gerald Stout, who formerly served 20
years as Wyoming County District Attorney, said, “I’ve been trying to
think of a single murder in all that time which this act could have
prevented. I can’t think of a single one.”

“This is a message to our state state senator and state senators, to
our state assemblyman and assemblymen, and to the Governor, that the
Wyoming County Board of Supervisors, which represent 45,000 thousand
citizens here in Wyoming County oppose what happened,” said
Berwanger. “This is just one form of the government getting their
hand in your private life and telling you what you need to do…and
this has gone way too far.”

The lone “no” vote came from Java Supervisor Jim Fleischman, a
Democrat, and himself a gun owner. Fleischman said that while the
SAFE Act isn’t perfect, something needs to be done to start curbing
gun violence.

Wyoming County Sheriff Farris Heimann also came to the meeting, and
publicly thanked lawmakers for “speaking out and standing up for your

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