Buckshot Boxes- Our country was founded on FREEDOM

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Commentary by Buckshot Boxes- Our country was founded on FREEDOM.

I wake up now every morning wondering when the divide between neighbors will become so great that it can no longer be ignored. When will we all cease the mind numbing activities we’ve grown accustom to in order to avoid reality? When will the citizens of this once great country rise up and retrieve our core values and foundation that this “land of opportunity” was built upon? I see more and more individuals each day open their eyes and minds to what is admittedly a hard truth to swallow. This is not merely an issue of “gun control” across this great nation, but moreover an example of a tyrannical government overstepping its reach and control of a populous.

Our country was founded on FREEDOM. Freedom from oppression. Freedom to speak our minds. Freedom to protect and fight for what is right for our families and our futures. Freedom to choose our own fates. Our path of freedoms has become a windy, single lane, treacherous back road instead of the open meadow it once was. Laws are made to deter bad people from doing bad things (or so they tell us). A set guideline of the consequences that would accompany a horrible act in futile hopes to deter a mad man. A mere HOPEFUL deterrent. Reality has it, evil cares not the consequence. As a New Yorker, our legislators (save a few brave souls who continue to fight for us) have sent a clear message to us. Our freedom today no longer depends on our personal actions or the actions of the majority, but instead depend on the actions of the few and the evil. The evil has won yet another battle over our communities. With each heinous crime committed, each life taken too soon, we now live in a secondary phase of fear over what rights our government will strip from us next in an effort to comfort the mindless and ignorant.

The men and women of law enforcement were not born more capable or more stable than anyone else. They merely felt a sense of duty and made it a career (for which I will reiterate, I am ever grateful for). Some of us have chosen a different career for various reasons, yet we (speaking for all lawful gun owners I’m certain) feel the same sense of duty to protect the ones we love and all those we encounter day to day. When I leave the house carrying my (lawfully owned) pistol I am not only carrying for my protection, but for the protection of those around me wherever I may go. A mere “competitive edge” against the evil in this world, which is more than ever the daunting reality in which we live. There is a reason our founding fathers lined our constitution with the irrevocable right to bear arms and I can assure you it was not for recreational purposes. History has a tendency to repeat itself.

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