Dutchess legislators join call for repeal of NY SAFE

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Dutchess legislators join call for repeal of NY SAFE

POUGHKEEPSIE – Most of the almost four-hour Dutchess County Legislature meeting Monday night was spent on a measure that carries no force of law, but is emotionally charged. It was the memorializing resolution asking the state legislature to repeal and revise NY SAFE, the state gun control measure that several legislators and many public speakers said was rushed through in haste, during a post-midnight session in Albany.

The public comment was heavily in support of the resolution, but there were also supporters of NY SAFE. Many who said NY SAFE should be left intact cited polls purportedly showing 65 percent of citizens surveyed also supporting the gun restrictions.

A just released Siena Research Institute poll puts support of NY SAFE at 61 percent with 35 percent opposed.

Legisaltor Robert Weiss (R- 12) questioned the figure.

“I would have to ask where the 65 percent of New Yorkers were surveyed, because it would have to be New York City and Westchester, Suffolk and Long Island”, he said. “Frankly, I’m shocked that they only got 65 percent down there. I thought it would be higher.”

Weiss also claimed that a city with one of the highest gun crime rates in the nation is Chicago, which has very tough gun laws.

Legislator Francena Amparo (D- 14) had an answer for that.

“Chicago, with the strictest gun laws, and the highest crime rate, I think those problems are because of corruption, guns from out of state, because in Indiana, anyone can get a gun and there are no background checks, and poverty,” Amparo said.

Assistant Majority Leader Angela Flesland (R- 6) praised the citizens who spoke impassionedly on both sides, and fellow legislators for listening.

“This is what was needed up in Albany and this unfortunately is what did not happen”, Flesland said. “And as I think our senators and Assembly members listen to the public and listen to the individuals that know a heck of a lot more about gun control than they do, we would not have the New York SAFE act written the way it was. They needed the input of the Sheriff. The needed the input of county clerks. The needed the input of mental hygiene professionals, and they didn’t get it.”

What they will get now is the opinion of the county legislature. The memorializing resolution passed on a 20 to 4 vote. Voting ‘no’ were Amparo, Minority leader Barbara Jeter-Jackson, Steve White and Joel Tyner. All are Democrats.

All but seven counties in New York State have either enacted similar resolutions, or are considering it.

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