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on March 11, 2013 at 5:30 PM, updated March 11, 2013 at 5:38 PM

Geddes, NY — Geddes Town Supervisor Manny Falcone Jr., who has a permit to carry a concealed weapon, will ask the town board Tuesday to call for a repeal of the state’s new tougher gun law and to support efforts to limit the information the public can have about gun owners.

“The people who are law abiding citizens, who have guns, are really getting it stuck to them,” Falcone said Monday.

The town supervisor said he has had a permit to carry a concealed weapon since 1984, and carries a pistol with him everywhere, with the exception of work and at town hall.

Falcone has placed resolutions on Tuesday’s board agenda calling for the repeal of the New York Secure Ammunition Firearms Enforcement Act signed into law in January. The law bans high capacity magazines and assault weapons.

If the board approves,Geddes would join a growing chorus of towns calling for the repeal of the law. The Onondaga County Legislature and the towns of Elbridge, Clay and Van Buren have approved resolutions calling for the law’s appeal. It was voted down in the Village of Jordan.

Falcone said he believes there is enough votes on the board to pass the repeal resolution and a companion resolution supporting changes in the state Freedom of Information Law limiting the information made public about gun owners.

While there are provisions in the SAFE Act that he agrees with, Falcone said he doesn’t agree with the way the law was pushed through without a public hearing on the matter.

The proposed resolution that goes before the town board at its meeting at 7 p.m. Tuesday in town hall says in part “ the legislation severely impacts the possession and use of firearms now employed by the residents of the Town of Geddes for defense of life, liberty and property, as well as safe forms of recreation including, but not limited to, hunting and target shooting.”

The legislation turns law abiding citizens into criminals, the proposed resolution says.

The town board will also vote on a resolution supporting two proposed amendments to the state Freedom of Information Law exempting the names and addresses of gun permit holders. The bills, S.2131-2013 and S.2132-2013, were introduced into the state Senate in January.

Gun permit information, including the names and addresses of current or retired police officers, is part of the records now available to the public.

Revealing the names and addresses of people with gun permits allows

criminals to target people who don’t own guns, Falcone said.

“It encourages criminals. It’s not going to discourage it,” he said.

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