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Bill: HB 2760 – Delegate Rupert Phillips Jr. (D – Logan)

Summary: This bill would create a uniform regulation of firearms, ammunition, and firearm accessories; the law would apply throughout West Virginia, pre-empting local laws.


All too often, gun owners find themselves trapped between the laws of a state and a maze of confusing and inconsistent local rules imposed by anti-gun municipalities. In West Virginia, that’s especially true.

HB 2760, a bill by Delegate Rupert Phillips, Jr., would fix that problem by eliminating laws that are inconsistent with the State’s, such as by:

  • ending the three day waiting period for all firearms purchases in Charleston;
  • getting rid of firearm registration in Charleston;
  • eliminating the one handgun a month limit in Charleston;
  • removing rules that prohibit open carry in Charleston, Martinsburg, and Dunbar;
  • invalidating laws prohibiting firearm possession on city property in Charleston, Martinsburg, and Dunbar; and
  • invalidating all other local gun ordinances in all other WV cities and counties.
The law, if passed, would also impose tough penalties on local governments who try and circumvent the law.

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HB 2760 | Firearms Policy CoalitionFirearms Policy Coalition.

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