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ALBANY — The state’s firearms lobby is attempting to shoot down a city gun regulation, arguing that residential pistol permits block marksmen from competing in contests outside of the five boroughs.

A 2001 city rule stated that city residents with residential gun licences can transport their firearms to and from small arms ranges or shooting clubs.

Under the regulation, however, the only ranges and clubs permissible are those located in the city, but none of them hold regular shooting contests, according to a lawsuit filed in federal court Monday by the state Rifle & Pistol Association.

That effectively means, the suit contends, that some 30,000 people with the city licenses are barred from taking part in competitions, thereby violating their Second Amendment rights.

Three licensees have signed on to the suit: Romolo Colantone, Efrain Alvarez and Tony Irizarry.

Colantone wanted to attend a regional shooting competition in Old Bridge, N.J., last May but was told by the NYPD License Division that it was off-limits, according to the suit.

The plaintiffs argue that if they are caught with their guns outside their homes on the way to or from a contest outside the city, they could face criminal charges.

Gabriel Taussig, chief of the city’s Administrative Law Division, said there is “no merit to their attack on the city rule regulating where they can transport a licensed firearm intended for home protection.”

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