Recent events prove the SAFE Act doesn’t make New York safe

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Recent events prove the SAFE Act doesn’t make New York safe.

ALBANY, NY (05/08/2013)(readMedia)– The arrest of an armed suspect yesterday in Troy highlights the failure of Governor Cuomo’s so-called SAFE Act. According to WTEN, police responded to reports of shots fired and apprehended a suspected in possession of a loaded 9mm handgun with 13 rounds of ammunition in it.

“Clearly the alleged suspect was not deterred by the Governor’s new prohibition on keeping more than seven rounds in magazine,” said NYSRPA President Tom King. “He also was unfazed by the 100+ year old Sullivan Act and it’s prohibition on unlicensed possession of a handgun. This is another clear example of how New York’s gun laws, old and new, do not make the state any safer.”

It being readily apparent that street thugs are not bothered by the SAFE Act, the question becomes why should ordinary, decent citizens be encumbered by it?

“What if this guy were breaking into someone’s house?” King asked. “Legally the homeowner could only have seven rounds available for self-defense, putting him or her at a distinct disadvantage. Who seriously thinks that is good public policy?”

In the months since SAFE’s passage, not once has Governor Cuomo acknowledged the use of firearms for personal protection or how his law negatively impacts it. It is time for the Governor and state legislature to have a serious discussion on the issue and reassess failed gun control policies.


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