Clerk thwarts robbery, KHOU, Houston, Texas, 07/19/13

| July 23, 2013

Clerk thwarts robbery, KHOU, Houston, Texas, 07/19/13

Noman Ali was a working the register at a Fuel Expo in Houston, Texas when a man brought some beer to the counter, drew a gun, and demanded cash. Ali handed over some money, but then retrieved a gun and fired at the criminal, striking the robber multiple times before he fled to a nearby car. As he was making his getaway, the criminal crashed his vehicle into a ditch, then attempted to force at least one passerby at gunpoint to take him to a hospital. However, before anyone else could be hurt, police captured the gunman.
Ali harbors no ill will towards the criminal, telling a local media outlet, “Crime needs to be stopped and [that’s] it, my goal [was] not to kill him… I’m good, the customers are good. Hopefully he’s good too.” 

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