Gun Owners: Show Your Support To Starbucks On Aug 9, 2013

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Gun Owners: Show Your Support To Starbucks On Aug 9, 2013.


As you may or may not have heard, an anti gun group, Moms Demand Action, is putting pressure on Starbucks over their corporate policy on guns. Starbucks has a corporate policy of honoring state and local laws regarding the carry of firearms in their stores. This means that if it’s legal to carry a gun in a state, Starbucks corporate policy will respect that right and welcome gun carriers.

Starbucks is not “pro gun”, but rather neutral on the subject. This is really all we can ask as gun owners and carriers of any private business. So, in opposition to the boycott and to show support for a company which respects the Constitution and state laws, gun owners are encouraged to spend money with Starbucks on August 9, 2013 to show your support and offset any boycotts (the support Starbucks event on Facebook has over 1,700 confirmed participants).

The last Starbucks Gun Owners Appreciation Day, on Feb 14, 2012, had tens of thousands of participants and caught the eye of national news agencies.

Many owners are making it a point to openly carry a sidearm (where legal of course) or pay with $2 bills (you can get them from your bank) to let Starbucks see that they have the support of the 2A community.

I’ve also heard several arguments such as, “I’m not spending $5 on a cup of coffee no matter what.” Listen, unless you’re getting a complex espresso based drink it’s hard to get your bill up to $5 at Starbucks. A regular small/medium cup of house blend is just as affordable as any other place you can buy coffee, and it’s probably better than the bulk, instant coffee your local corner store sells anyway.

So get out there this Friday and let Starbucks know that gun owners support their policy of honoring local laws.

Here is a press release from Mom’s Demand action, trying to dictate the corporate policy of a large company. Let’s show Starbucks and Mom’s Demand Action how we support those who support us.

July 29, 2013: We are concerned and angry that management at Starbucks headquarters is approving plans for armed gun advocates to rally in its stores across the country, including a meeting this past weekend inside a Sioux Falls store. Starbucks management at headquarters and in-state approved the meeting in advance, but did not notify customers, who were understandably alarmed when more than 60 gun advocates – armed with everything from handguns to semi-automatic rifles to shotguns – were welcomed inside the store (

In the past, Starbucks has taken a ‘neutral’ position on gun-related issues, claiming their policy to allow loaded weapons inside stores is based on local laws and statutes. However, that ‘neutral’ position was shattered when both national and local Starbucks management approved this past weekend’sin-store rally. Gun advocates ( have begun using Starbucks as a common meeting destination across the country because they are able to bring loaded weapons inside. A similar meeting by the same group is being planned for Wed., July 31, 2013, at a Starbucks in Seattle at 1st and Pike.

Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America is calling on Starbucks to stop allowing these armed meetings inside stores, and to immediately ban guns from all of its stores in all states. Starbucks has the legal right to prohibit firearms in its stores in the interest of its customers’ safety, but has chosen not to do so, despite the shootings and shooting deaths that have taken place inside Starbucks. It is time for Starbucks to walk the talk as a company that claims to be committed to corporate responsibility, and totake the safety of our children and families as seriously as mothers do.


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