The check-box felon

| August 13, 2013

The check-box felon

A “straw purchase” case that goes before the Supreme Court in October will be an important test. When someone who is ineligible to own a gun, such as a onetime felon, pays someone to buy a gun for him, this is called a “straw purchase.” In one notorious example, the U.S. Justice Department authorized straw purchases on behalf of Mexican drug kingpins, a scheme to track the final buyer in Operation Fast and Furious. Instead, it lost track of hundreds of guns.None of this interesting legal history applies to Bruce Abramski, a Virginia resident who helped his elderly uncle get a handgun. Both men were legally entitled to own a gun. Both passed the required background checks. As an ex cop, Mr. Abramski bought a Glock 19 and obtained a law enforcement discount. He consulted three federally licensed dealers to make sure he did everything by the book when he transferred the gun to his uncle in Pennsylvania.

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