McAuliffe: ‘Gun violence going down’ is ‘not the issue’

| September 11, 2013

McAuliffe: ‘Gun violence going down’ is ‘not the issue’

Terry McAuliffe, the Democratic gubernatorial nominee in Virginia, has been carefully hiding his pro-gun control stance with the media during his campaign. However, he did tell Breitbart News in August that it does not matter that crime is going down in Virginia while gun sales are soaring at the same time. McAuliffe’s campaign has been careful not to acknowledge they met with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, co-chair and co-founder of Mayors Against Illegal Guns. Bloomberg’s organization was a key player in pushing further gun restrictions to Colorado, a state which just saw a recall of Democratic State Senators who helped Bloomberg and his organization with their mission. Mayor Bloomberg reportedly sank $350,000 into the Colorado races to protect the Democratic members.

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