Why The DC Cops Stood Down During The Face Off With Our Veterans

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CRIME, GUNS, AND VIDEOTAPE: Why The DC Cops Stood Down During The Face Off With Our Veterans.

Washington, DC—The Obama Administration sent out the Metropolitan DC police to forcefully remove or arrest aging military veterans from their own monuments. 

The cops were out in force armed with guns, stun guns, clubs, tear gas and riot helmets. When it came to the point of the veterans refusing orders to disperse or to discontinue their dismantling park service barricades the cops simply backed off of their mission and allowed the veterans to carry on.


First and foremost the veterans were peaceful and did not represent a public safety threat. They simply made a strong stand against the fascist Obama junta.


In a stunning display of disobedience the police actually stood down rather than engage in violence against the veterans.  There can be no doubt that Whitehouse officials are livid that the cops allowed the veterans to dump hundreds of barricades at the entrance of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.


Barack Obama was humiliated beyond words by the cop’s refusal to follow orders.  I fully expect supreme Obama loyalist and police chief Cathy Lanier to make heads roll within her department over the refusal by officers to advance on the veterans.


The fact remains that the all time legal precedent in such matters was established in post World War Two Nuremberg, Germany during the trials of Nazi war criminals.


The accused Nazi’s raised the defense that they were only following orders.  Had they refused to follow those orders they would have been hanged or shot for treason.  That of course was a well-know fact since the Reich was executing anyone and everyone within the military that showed any sign of disobedience to orders. The following orders defense failed. 


The DC cops were really looking at mirror images of themselves when they faced off with the old veterans. They did not have the taste or desire to bear the shame of muscling the very men that had fought for our basic liberty and freedom.


Some will argue that the cops were outnumbered or afraid.  I don’t buy that for a second.  What happened was the officers recognized that their oath of office and duty was in conflict with the orders from the Whitehouse and acted accordingly.

Now it will be incumbent upon Americans to defend and support every DC cop that refused unlawful commands to victimize our veterans under color of law.


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