New York State Exposed: Safe Act Pushback |

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New York State Exposed: Safe Act Pushback |

Created: 01/30/2014 6:25 AM
By: Amanda Ciavarri

As part of our News York State Exposed series, we have taken a closer look at the laws that impact you, like the Safe Act. The response from our viewers who are not happy with the Safe Act is overwhelming.

In our past reports, we’ve showed you how some business owners and some law enforcement are also against the controversial gun law.

Governor Cuomo used the tragedy in West Webster over a year ago as a reason why we need the Safe Act but after we aired several of our stories on the Safe Act, a group of local firefighters, including some from Webster, reached out to News10NBC. They tell us they want to set the record straight and they are only sharing their story with us.

The group of firefighters we spoke with is from all over Monroe and Wayne Counties and they are against the Safe Act…but not all of it. These first responders do support parts of the law that increase penalties for those who buy and sell illegal guns and those who kill first responders. They also believe the Safe Act targets law abiding citizen and takes away their Second Amendment rights. In addition, they don’t like the fact that the governor used a tragedy like West Webster as why the Safe Act is important.

Volunteer firefighter Steve Sessler said, “It is bad enough that, that incident happened and through our history tragedies happen. To try and capitalize, to push an agenda, that doesn’t sit well with me.”

The firefighters had a lot more to say to us. Tonight on News10NBC at 5 and 6, we ask them if the Safe Act has made them feel any safer when responding to calls.

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