Connecticut State Police: No Door to Door Gun Confiscations Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!

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» Connecticut State Police: No Door to Door Gun Confiscations Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!.


Paul Joseph Watson
March 21, 2014

Following a backlash by several second amendment groups, the new head of the Connecticut state police has promised that there will be no door to door gun confiscations targeting residents who have refused to register their firearms with authorities.

Earlier this month, second amendment group Connecticut Carry called on the government to either enforce a January 1 law which mandates residents register assault weapons or high capacity magazines by going ahead with mass gun confiscations or repeal the law altogether.

“There’s no plan in place nor has there been any execution of a plan where we would, for example, go door-to-door and be actively involved in the confiscation of weapons,” Dora Schriro, new head of the state police, told NBC Connecticut.

Weeks after the January 1 deadline expired, authorities revealed that just 50,016 assault weapons and 38,290 ammunition magazines had been registered by Connecticut gun owners, meaning that some 320,000 assault rifles and around 2.4 million high capacity magazines were not declared.

Last month it emerged that Connecticut residents who failed to register their assault weapons or high capacity magazines before the deadline had received letters from CT State Police ordering them to either make their guns and ammo inoperable, sell them to a licensed dealer, or turn them in at a local police station.

Controversy continued to swirl after Branford Police Officer Joseph Peterson was suspended for telling a Connecticut gun owner on Facebook he couldn’t wait to, “bang down your door and come for your gun.”

Second amendment activist Mike Vanderboegh, who wrote a 16,000 word letter to officials in Connecticut warning them that any attempt to initiate mass gun confiscation would result in a tragic bloodbath, was also warned by a source within the state police, “there’s cops and politicians up here who want you dead.”

In addition to the January 1 mandate to register assault rifles and high capacity magazines, from April 1 gun owners in Connecticut will be required to apply for a certificate before being allowed to legally purchase any long gun from a licensed or private seller.

“This part of the bill closes that gap where every transaction of a long gun requires an authorization through our office,” said State Police Lt. Eric Cooke. “So you’ll have to call our office and get a NICS number in order to exchange a weapon between two parties.”

Despite the new laws, the state of Connecticut has seen a record year for gun sales while demand for private lessons is skyrocketing.

“Here in Connecticut, it’s from 70 yrs old to 21 yrs old, everyone wants training,” said Delta Arsenal gun range trainer Gary Dukeet.

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