Liberals Make SICK Move Against NRA… This Must STOP

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The NY Daily News really jumped the shark this Saturday when, only two days after an Oregon gunman killed nine students and faculty members at Umpqua Community College, columnist Linda Stasi called for the State Department to classify the National Rifle Association as a “terrorist organization.”

“One terrorist group is responsible for more civilian deaths since December 2012 (the Sandy Hook massacre) than Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, Hamas and the Taliban,” the rabid leftist wrote.

“It is the National Rifle Association, and for their unending lobbying that’s kept a lid on gun control, we now have 428 times more American deaths by gun than deaths by foreign terrorists.”

“Therefore,” she added, “the NRA should take its rightful place on the State Department list of terrorist organizations, because its influence is more of an immediate threat to the lives of our citizens than foreign terrorists.”

What a bunch of bilge. As Breitbart contributor Awr Hawkins pointed out, only organizations that sponsor terrorism make it onto the State Department’s list. The NRA, on the other hand, exists to defend the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution. See the difference?

The ironically named Stasi tried to back up her phony claim by basically making the case that madmen are able to obtain the guns they use to kill because of the NRA’s lobbying efforts. The premise was that madmen would be unable to kill or kill as many if America embraced stricter gun laws.

She forgot two things. First, shooters don’t follow gun control laws, let alone laws dealing with murder. Second, and more importantly, the most recent mass shooting occurred in a gun-free zone where the shooter knew that his victims couldn’t fire back… as have so many other shootings. This makes Stasi’s misdirected rage even worse.

By implementing gun-free zones, explained NRA’s Wayne LaPierre after the Sandy Hook shooting in 2012, liberals “tell every insane killer in America that schools are their safest place to inflict maximum mayhem with minimum risk.”

Exactly. Judging by Stasi’s twisted logic, the that deserves to be designated as a “terrorist organization” is, remarkably enough, the Democrat Party.

H/T: NY Daily News

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