Obama Misleads, Cites Bogus Data at CNN “Town Hall”

| January 9, 2016

Obama Misleads, Cites Bogus Data at CNN “Town Hall”

On Thursday, January 7, President Barack Obama appeared in the CNN-produced “Guns in America,” an invitation-only “town hall” held on the campus of George Mason University in Fairfax, Va. Immediately following the forum, CNN shifted to several pundits who offered their analysis of the event. On hand was former Obama administration “Special Advisor for Green Jobs” Van Jones, who, perhaps unintentionally, offered some of the most astute observations of the evening. Jones admitted Obama answered some of the questions “poorly,” later adding that “some of his answers made my skin crawl,” implying that the president does not truly know the issue or understand America’s culture of gun ownership.This is an accurate assessment of the president’s performance, as Obama repeatedly mischaracterized the concerns many Americans have pertaining to their gun rights and cited faulty information to further his arguments.

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