South Carolina: Reciprocity Legislation Progresses in Senate

| March 30, 2016

South Carolina: Reciprocity Legislation Progresses in Senate

Last week’s Senate Judiciary Subcommittee hearing had both positive and disappointing results.  First and foremost, H. 3799, the Georgia-only reciprocity bill, was given a unanimous favorable report by the subcommittee and is expected to be heard by the full Senate Judiciary Committee soon.  In its current form, this legislation makes an improvement by statutorily adding Georgia to the list of states whose Right-to-Carry permits will be recognized in South Carolina.  However, it needs to be amended to a True Recognition standard so that South Carolina will recognize ALL valid Right-to-Carry permits issued by other states.  Please contact members of the Senate Judiciary Committee and urge them to support NRA’s efforts to amend H. 3799, so that it will establish a True Recognition standard for Right-to-Carry permits in South Carolina.

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