Northern Illinois gun control event blows up in the faces of sponsors

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It was a bad Sunday for sponsors of an meeting to create a grassroots chapter of the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence at the Glenview, IL Police Station Auditorium failed miserably as supporters of the Constitution and civil rights took part in the event.

In the end, unsubstantiated assertions by the gun control advocates were challenged by a boisterous audience.

The local newspaper had this to say:

Gun Ownership Advocates Intentionally Pack Panel

(Glenview Patch) – Gun ownership advocates intentionally packed Sunday’s gun control panel by the New Trier Democrats, as pro-gun advocates — who were encouraged to come from across the state in a mass email from the Illinois State Rifle Association (ISRA) — argued and yelled at panelists throughout the program.

“Remember, this is our Lexington, this is our Concord,” the email read. “Be prepared to teach the gun controllers a lesson in liberty.”

The email also encouraged attendees to arrive between an hour and half an hour early, to “ensure that there are more of OUR people there than THEIR people,” according to the email. That resulted in venue at the Glenview Police Station auditorium filling up, with many would-be attendees turned away at the door.

The majority of the crowd — around 2/3 — were wearing NRA and ISRA paraphernalia, and holding American flags and signs, such as “Shall not be infringed” and “Pro-second amendment.”

While all of the speakers faced outrage and yelling from the crowd — with many being called a “liar” or “loser” as they spoke — none seemed to anger the crowd as much as Lee Goodman, of the Stop Concealed Carry Coalition.

Goodman, who was booed as he came to the podium, started out on the wrong foot with the audience, commenting, “[The Illinois State Rifle Association] email said to dress nicely and be polite — and I’d like to say that you’re all dressed nicely.”

But the boots on the ground told a more interesting story of what happened. Steven Zahareas posted the following on ISRA’s Facebook page:

[Editor: With some minor editing for readability.]

I was the first one there at the meeting at 11:58am.

The Glenview police officer that I spoke to showed me into the room and he supported us.

When their people started showing up they said that the two front rows were reserved, I said that there was no reserved seating. The second time they brought J. Jjenkins over and she asked me to move saying that the elderly were going to sit there and I said, “we would see how many elderly showed up”.

The third time they came up and asked me to move I replied, “My name is not Rosa Parks and I am not going to the back of the bus.” I had saved four other seats up front for us and held firm. I saw it for what it was, to get their people up front and push ours out.

The moderator who wanted to start the meeting said, “Let’s start the meeting” and tried to start the meeting and someone from our side said, “Let’s start the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance” and we did.

I was in the front row and I saw for myself that the moderator rolled her eyes and not one of the anti-freedom, anti-Constitutionalists stood up for the Pledge.

Hey, who is surprised?

The man Jenkins could not, or would not, support any of his claims. He went so far as to say that violent crime in IL is down and when a crowd member on our side questioned him about the results Jenkins admitted that the City of Chicago was left out of the study and statistics.

Jenkins even tried to lull and appease the crowd by saying I am one of you as he pulled out a FOID card (remember Blago also had a FOID card…).

I asked him about the FBI UCR (Uniform Crime Report) that has the breakdown of murders by weapon. One person on the panel said he would not talk about it and would not answer that question, obviously because he knew the FBI UCR did not substantiate his claims. Jenkins compared us to Nazis and made the statement that NRA members are the ones who committed the mass shootings.

Jenkins made mention of the Civil Rights movement and I yelled out the Second Amendment is a Civil Right.

Lee Goodman started his little speech by insulting law-abiding gun owners. When he was reading his piece about the babies I yelled out “What about my babies?” “Why are you trying to take away my ability to protect my babies?”

Near the end of his involvement of the forum in the Q&A, he stated that the Second Amendment has no importance today. Then a Veteran stood up and stated that he fought for Goodman’s right to say what he was saying but asked him if he would support the same restrictions on the First Amendment. No answer from Goodman.

We need to meet them on every front and call them out on their lies. It was a meeting where we locked them out of their own meeting. No quarter! The truth shall set you free.

Their plan is to divide us and consume a piece of the pie at a time until there is nothing left but crumbs. For those of you who were first timers to see how the opposition works now you know the ridiculousness we are up against, recruit another gun owner to get involved in the ISRA, NRA, Gun Owners of America, Jews for the Preservation of Gun Ownership, or any other true gun rights organization. If you are a gun owner and you are not speaking up YOU are part of the problem.

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