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The Governor of New York’s website has posted a FAQ which purports
to answer common questions about the provisions of the NYSAFE law
recently signed into law:


Note, however, the disclaimer at the bottom ”

“Please note: This website is informational only and does not constitute legal advice.”

In other words, if you follow the advise shown on the website and run afoul of the law,
you have no recourse.

Some of the “answers” in the FAQ mention dates when certain provisions take effect.
However, these dates are not found in the text of the bill as passed. Still, there are
many “answers” that address some of the provisions which have caused unnecessary
panic and misunderstandings. So gun owners should use the FAQ as a reference,
but not as an absolute guide.

Once the various provisions of the law have been analyzed by legal experts a better
picture will emerge as to exactly how badly New York gun owners have been
damaged by their governor and representitives.

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