Rally in White Plains Feb 23th@12pm noon – Northern Westchester Rifle Assocation (NWRA)

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Rally in White Plains Feb 23th@12pm noon

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Concerned Residents of Westchester Defending our Constitution

Save Our Constitution

Preserve Our 2nd Amendment

National “Day of Resistance” Rally

Saturday, February 23, 2013

12 Noon

Hon. Charles L. Brieant, Jr.

Federal Courthouse

300 Quarropas Street

(at the corner of South Lexington Ave.)

White Plains, NY 10601

Bring your Patriotism, your friends and neighbors,

signs and flags

We must protect our Rights and Freedoms!!

Let’s send a message to Washington and Albany

For additional information, contact Frank Morganthaler @ (914) 673-5220

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From Mr. Morganthaler:

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My Fellow Patriots,

Saturday, February 23, 2013, has been designated as a National Day of Resistance in response to the unconstitutional actions of President Obama in issuing 23 Executive Orders against our 2nd Amendment Rights.  American Patriots are being asked to stand together, across our great nation, “in defiance to those Orders, to protect the right that protects ALL of our other rights, that being the 2nd Amendment.”  We are asked to “organize locally (which we have done), and band together, neighbor to neighbor and reassert our community’s right to determine their own destiny.”

We Patriots, are in a fight for the survival of our Nation.  The Socialist Obama Administration consistently ignores the Constitution and would do away with it if they could.  We have to stand up, together, and defend OUR Constitution. Sitting back and watching passively is no longer an option.  Everyone who truly cares about America, needs to get active; and do it now!  Therefore, we here in Westchester, invite all to join us and stand with us as we come together to send a message to Washington (and Albany) that we will no longer tolerate their conduct.  We are a Constitutional Republic not a dictatorship.  We are governed by the dictates of the Constitution; not Executive Orders.  On Saturday, we will conduct our own “Day of Resistance” to let our elected leaders know that the residents of our County are not happy.  We will meet at the Honorable Charles L. Brieant, Jr., Federal Courthouse, 300 Quarropas Street (corner of South Lexington Ave.), White Plains, NY at 12 Noon.  (Rally Flier is attached)  We need to send a loud, strong, clear message to Washington.  We need you ALL to be part of the effort.

My Fellow Patriots – it is time to act!!  Forwarding e-mails and conversing about the problems we face over lunch may make you feel good, but, don’t really accomplish much.  We must be visible to the public and our elected officials.  We must be seen by our relatives, friends and neighbors as part of the Constitutional movement.  Encourage them to join you and participate.  Being a silent cheerleader, hiding in the shadows, does nothing to stop the destruction of OUR Great Nation.  Hiding behind the scenes is no longer an option if we are to prevail.  We must openly fight to save OUR Constitution.  If the Patriots of 1776 did not act, there would be no America.  If we fail to act now, there will be no America for our children and grandchildren.  Please attend the Rally and help us save the America that we know and love.  We must stop Obama from “fundamentally changing America”.  IF YOU CARE, YOU’LL BE THERE!!

Please Note:  Barbara from Harlem has consented to speak at our Rally.  If you have never heard her speak before, she is a tremendous, passionate speaker and a Patriot.  You are in for a treat.

Please bring family, friends and neighbors; flags, signs and most of all, your PATRIOTISM!  We need a strong turnout to get the attention of Washington.  Please make every effort to attend and bring a friend.  May God Bless you all and May God Bless America.

Yours in Liberty,

Frank Morganthaler
(914) 673-5220

PS:  Please distribute this information to all of your e-mail contacts.  Thank you.

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