Are You Willing To Be a Victim?

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All gun owners and we ‘crazy’ people who believe in the right to defend ourselves have almost inevitably been asked the question “what are you so afraid of that you need a gun” or similar. My response is typically something dismissive like “when I have a gun, nothing.” But, for a select few individuals with whom I feel I can have an educated debate (and not a pissing match of poorly thought out politics and quotes from “News” talking heads) I get into the idea that media has implanted the idea that being a victim – instead of being prepared – is the status quo, or even a noble gesture. If viewing our society as a whole at this point in time Darwin would probably scratch his head as we seem to have lost our survival instinct in some regards, but I digress.

I’m a firearm owner, and it really took me seeing the current state of affairs to be able to comprehend what’s going on. I don’t watch much TV, especially network stuff. I try to limit my TV consumption to educational pieces, documentaries, training videos, sports, a whole lot of YouTube, etc. However I watched a few episodes of House last night before going to sleep. After one episode, I shut off the TV, muttered a few profanity-laced questions to no one in particular, then tried to digest what I had just seen. About 15-20 minutes later I realized where my critics, and critics of self-preservation, self-defense, being prepared – and the desire to live – get their subliminally-transmitted disease. And I realized why our society is so divided on the issue of gun control. It’s not the guns. It could be knife control, or nunchaku control. The ‘control’ isn’t the object, it’s the mental state of being prepared and ready to defend yourself with whatever force is appropriate for the situation. That’s what society is truly divided on. Guns are just the items on the chopping block right now.

Back to the task at hand. So this particular episode of House starts in the standard way. A lawyer trying a case suddenly collapses, then ends up in the care of House and the symptoms start piling up. As sometimes happens, the House-ettes are tasked with going to the guy’s residence to search for toxins, poisons, or anything else that may be causing his symptoms. Long story short, while snooping around they discover a hidden fortified bunker loaded with about 15 ARs, ammunition, and more. The plot thickens.

At this point the guy’s wife gets all mad at him for not telling her about the bunker. I can understand that, no one wants to be lied to. But, compound that with her being on the polar opposite side of preparedness…she proceeds to criticize him for the notion of even owning a single gun, let alone a cache of firearms and ammo capable of regulating a small town.

Then of course the typical doctor banter, one of the doctors was fundamentally against guns, and trying to treat the patient for a derivative of paranoia, while the other was for guns and astutely made the observation of the myriad systems that could fail in society causing one the need to defend themself – the financial system collapses, or a natural disaster (see Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Sandy, etc). This gave me hope, wow maybe they won’t paint this guy as a “prepper” or other lame label that we as a society are so willing to apply, then dismiss the labeled party as crazy. If you don’t know what I mean, look up ‘truther’ or ‘birther’ as popular examples.

So as is typical with House episodes, with about 7 minutes left in the episode they cure the guy, he had some weird virus. Now, enter the wife. She tells her newly cured husband that she has moved out of the house and taken the kids with her. She then asks him to move with them in the new home she apparently acquired during his stay at the hospital. (author’s note: at this point I’m going to ask any of you reading to have a bucket, paper towels and mouthwash handy for what’s next.) She then proceeds to tell him that she can’t live in a house with a bunker or weapons, or any means to survive a collapse of any system, or even a break-in for that matter.  With tears in her eyes, she blurts out this line: “I just don’t want to live in fear anymore”. Husband agrees, they cry together, queue ending music.  I’ll give you a minute to clean yourself up.

She doesn’t want to live in fear, so she has her husband move out of a house with a fortified safe area and a means to defend themselves from virtually any act of violence that could be levied against her or her family…because she doesn’t want to live in fear. SO, let me get this straight: you DON’T want to live in fear, so you remove any means to defend yourself – or your children – from the unknown realities of nature and society.

Being a reasonably intelligent person I tried to comprehend that – which is when I realized that I can’t comprehend it. The only way you CAN comprehend that is if you’re ready and willing to be a victim, and you’re ignorant enough to believe that nothing will happen to you.

And here we are, 15 minutes after the end of an otherwise decent episode of House, with Hollywood glorifying the pathetic (and for those with a family, selfish) act of laying down your arms, leaving your safety and the safety of your family in the hands of our imperfect society, and accepting the potential consequences. And at that point, like a strong safety with a 10 yard head start pummeling a halfback, it hit me. This is where all of these anti-gun, ‘what are you afraid of’ arguments come from. The arguments that attempt to demonize those of us who would prefer to be prepared in the off chance a life-threatening situation arises, who realize that our world isn’t perfect and spend time and money training to acquire the skills and tools defend ourselves and loved ones.

When my brain processed my aforementioned observation, I instantly made peace with all of those with whom I’ve had heated debates about this subject. With those who called me paranoid, or questioned why I would own more than one gun. Or those who chastised me for not going out on a Saturday night so I could instead go to a stuffy indoor range to work on my shooting. Or those who scoffed when I answered their question of whether I was carrying a pistol while at lunch with them with a yes. It’s not their fault. They’re a product of what the media glorifies. They think how Hollywood programs them to think.

If Doctor House was here right now, he’d probably – in an arrogant way – tell us that we’ve identified a symptom, and we’ve identified its cause. Then he’d bounce his ball against the wall, scratch his head, ride an elevator and then open his eyes wide, walk out of whatever room he was in, and tell his team what needs to be done to apply the cure. If only it were that simple.


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