When The SAFE Act Is A Political Positive

| September 24, 2013 | 0 Comments

Editor’s Note: The Smoking Chamber is 100% for Rob Astorino.

Source: When The SAFE Act Is A Political Positive.

The January gun control law known as the SAFE Act so far has been used a political bludgeon in local campaigns.

Often, it has been a sheriff candidate pledging to not enforce the law or expressing their unease with the measure, which Gov. Andrew Cuomo has touted as one of his signature accomplishments.

But Democratic county executive hopeful Noam Bramson in Westchester is using the law as a positive in his campaign against incumbent Republican Rob Astorino.

In a spot released today that knocks Astorino on gun control, the ad’s narrator says, “Rob Astorino is even against Governor Cuomo’s ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines.”

Cuomo’s office didn’t quibble with the language in how the law was described by the ad.

Astorino is considered a possible Republican opponent against Cuomo in 2014.

Update: Astorino spokesman Bill O’Reilly sent along this statement.

“It’s Hail Mary ad to try to stop Noam Bramson’s freefall after raising property taxes 109% and giving himself a 40% pay hike. Bramson is trying to inject divisive national issues into a race that has zero to do with gun laws, etc. As far as the gun show goes, which was canceled after Newtown, incidentally, Westchester requires background checks — that’s the whole issue. What’s Bramson going to hit Astorino on next, his Syria policy?”

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