Let’s Support Rob Astorino | NY Firearms

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Let’s Support Rob Astorino | NY Firearms.

If you are a N.Y.S. gun owner, ANY kind of gun, that includes you “I’m only a shotgun hunter and don’t care about AR15’s or handguns”, you will be subject to a bunch of new gun restrictions including HAVING to purchase insurance if you own any gun, If Cuomo gets re-elected.

Do something for once to help preserve your rights and those of your children instead of just talking and complaining all the time.

More info below, this is a start, I just donated, so should you.

Rob Astorino

Its being reported by multiple sources that Cuomo is secretly planning “SafeAct 2” if re-elected. Go ahead and Google it and see for yourself:

Additional weapon bans
New restrictions on gun ownership
New limits on gun purchases
Longer waiting periods
New costly insurance requirements for gun owners


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