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Rob Astorino for Governor.

Throughout the entire campaign, I have promised to fight for the families of New York. From our youngest New Yorkers to our oldest, the current administration is hurting the whole family.

New York is ranked the worst place to retire in the United States. Our seniors are struggling to stay in the state where they raised their families and where their grandchildren are currently being raised. With the highest taxes in the country, it’s no surprise many retirees have uprooted to Florida, Arizona and Texas. Just yesterday, AARP revealed that 70% of baby boomers living on Long Island are likely to leave New York once they retire. Skype and FaceTime can be tough on grandparents. As governor, I will introduce bold reforms to tackle New York’s dire tax problem.  I will fight to keep our seniors as residents of the Empire State.

Our youngest New Yorkers go to school every day under the cloud of Cuomo’s Common Core. He pushed to have this new set of standards rolled out before teachers, parents and students could weigh in on the best implementation. Our school children are suffering because of Cuomo’s hastiness. He has since changed his tune and is attempting to blame the state Board of Regents. This is a pattern of Cuomo’s: a hurried rollout, followed by a failure of implementation, succeeded by public outrage, and finally the blame game. Just look at his recent handling of the Ebola threat to our state. Classic Cuomo.

As governor, I will legislate with the best interest of the family always in mind. I will repeal Cuomo’s Common Core as soon as I get to Albany, but I need your help getting there. Please contribute $25, $50, $100 or $1,000 today, and together let’s fight for the families of New York.

Thank you for all of your support thus far. Tuesday, November 4th is just around the corner! Keep pushing and remind your friends, neighbors and family members to vote this Election Day.

Rob Astorino

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