Black Activists Group Places $5,000.00 Bounty On Ferguson Officer Wilson –

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Black Activists Group Places $5,000.00 Bounty On Ferguson Officer Wilson –

The news from Ferguson gets even more ridiculous as it has just been announced that an “urban militia” group of black activists, who go by the name RbG Black Rebels has offered a bounty for the location of police officer Darren Wilson.

The group posted the following tweet about the bounty on their Twitter account which has just gone private, as Federal authorities are now investigating the threat. The group offered $5,000 to anyone who can give them Wilson’s location and even more intimidating perhaps than that is the fact that they also offered $1,000 to anyone who can give the location of any of Wilson’s “close family members.”

wilson bounty

Minority groups have long used intimidation and violence to get what they want. Many believe that the current protesters in Ferguson, the majority of whom are not even from the area, have been infiltrated by Communists and radical Islamic Jihadists who plan on waging an all out civil war in the community, despite the ruling of the grand jury, in an attempt to weaken terrorism laws in the U.S. The Council on American-Islamic Relations, or C.A.I.R. has recently been put on a terrorist organization list by Arab nation U.A.E. and the group fears the same may eventually happen in the U.S. now that the Republicans control both the house and the Senate. Ferguson may be seen by them as their last place to continue to fog the mirrors with smoke.

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