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                    90 S. Swan Street Albany, New York, 12210


May, 12, 2017

Babylon Republican Committee

Anthony Pancella, III, Chairman
101 N. Wellwood Ave., Suite 6
Lindenhurst, NY 11757
(631) 226-4500


Dear Sir,


The New York State Rifle & Pistol Association – PVF is an affiliate of the nation’s oldest and the state’s largest pro-gun civil rights organization, as such the Sheriff’s race in your county is of great interested to us. We believe in the right man for the right position and therefore in this race place great value on law enforcement experience and in this particular instance we also value the candidates support and belief in law and order and support of the Second Amendment.


One of the candidates while professing his belief in the Second Amendment actually voted for the SAFE Act after promising constituents and supporters he would oppose that heinous legislation. For those reasons and his lack of law enforcement experience we find him unsuitable for this position.


Conversely, Fred Sales, has a nearly a four decade long law enforcement career, Thirty-two years as a Suffolk County police officer and six years as a New York City corrections officer. Equally as important he spent fifteen years as the Suffolk’s PBA liaison to the state legislators in Albany.


Mr. Sales vast experience and strong Second Amendment beliefs make him our candidate of choice for Suffolk County Sheriff.





Thomas H. King

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