Businessman shoots intruder

| July 12, 2017

Businessman shoots intruder

A Lumberton businessman says a fleeting thought of his mother probably saved the life of a teenage intruder early Friday as he made a decision to shoot to hurt, not kill. G.H. Smith, 66, was working about 3 a.m. in the back of his cell phone business on North Pine Street when he heard a loud crash. The noise was made by as many as five people breaking into his store. “I shouted at them ‘Hey. What y’all doing?’” Smith said. “The other two jumped out the window, but the other guy started this way. It was dark and there was only this night light on … I hollered at him. I thought he had a gun because he was so bold. He was bad. That’s when I thought I’d better stop him right now.” Smith made a conscious decision to aim his shotgun at the man’s legs. “And I wasn’t trying to kill him,” Smith said. “You see that Bible right there, that’s my mother’s. Y’know my mother comes in about every day and she’s 84. I think if I’d of taken his head off she wouldn’t have come back anymore. She doesn’t need that extra stress on her. That’s the only thing that saved him, I think. It was a scary situation.”

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