Reid, Kerry engage in rank hypocrisy at Reno event

| April 9, 2018

Reid, Kerry engage in rank hypocrisy at Reno event

The political home of labor unions doesn’t have any problem with people getting together – of citizens uniting, it could be phrased – to achieve some political end. The recent “student -ed” marches to limit Second Amendment rights were anything but – rather, they were funded heavily by rich political operatives who were so brazen about their astroturfing that corporate logos for “Everytown for Gun Safety” and “Giffords” advocacy groups appeared on every other sign at those events. (I have no problem with this, because I like free speech. I just wish folks would be more honest about what’s actually going on during political rallies of that type.) No, the opponents of Citizens United aren’t actually opposed to corporate entities engaging in political advocacy. They just don’t like people with the “wrong” opinions doing the engaging.

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